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Welcome to the Globin Gene Server

This site provides data and tools for studying the function of DNA sequences, with an emphasis on those involved in the production of hemoglobin. It includes information about naturally-occurring human hemoglobin mutations and their effects, experimental data related to the regulation of the beta-like globin gene cluster, and software tools for comparing sequences with one another to discover regions that are likely to play significant roles.

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Human Hemoglobin Mutations:
*  HbVar database
         A relational database of Hb variants and thalassemias, initially derived
         from Prof. Huisman's Syllabi (see next links) and regularly updated.
*  A Syllabus of Human Hemoglobin Variants (1996)
*  Most of  A Syllabus of Thalassemia Mutations (1997)

Database of Experimental Results on Gene Expression:
*  dbERGE II

Genome Annotation:
*  Gala: Genome Alignment and Annotation Database

Sequence Analysis of Genomic DNA:
Pairwise alignments 
*  PipMaker: Percent Identity Plots
*  PipTools: create PipMaker annotations and analyze output  latest release: 2003-Nov-04 (C), 2003-Jul-08 (Perl)
*  Whole genome human/mouse alignments
*  Laj alignment viewer  latest release: 2005-Dec-14
*  Static diagrams, plus descriptions of loci  
Multiple alignments 
*  MultiPipMaker
*  EnteriX: alignments of E. coli and selected enteric bacteria
*  DNA sequences from the beta-like globin gene clusters of several mammals
*  A multiple alignment of those sequences
*  Sample images from a multiple alignment
*  Tools for finding conserved regions in multiple alignments  
*  Restriction site utilities

Publications and Software:
(Please see our publications page.)

Course Materials:
*  Fall 2002: BIO/CSE/STAT 597/8F
*  Spring 2002: BIO/CSE/STAT 597/8F
*  Fall 2001: CSE/BIO 597F
*  Fall 2001: IBIOS lecture
*  Fall 2000: CSE/BIO 597F
*  Spring 2000: BMMB/CSE 597D

Links to Related Sites:
*  Hemoglobins, globin genes, and hemoglobinopathies
*  Genomes and genome analysis
*  Local sites

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