dbERGE II: Database of Experimental Results on Gene Expression

Introduction to dbERGE II

dbERGE II stores experiment and result details for various types of experiments. The current types of experiments available are:
  1. DNA transfer experiments (Transfections and Transgenic mice)
  2. Binding assays (Gel shift, In-vivo footprint, In-vitro footprint and Methylation interference)
  3. Hypersensitive sites
  4. ChIP - on - chip experiments
Explanation of each experiment type is given here.

Query dbERGE II

Choose dbERGE II version to query from:
Querying is available on all recorded aspects of the various experiments. The sources of the recorded experiments are published references, experiments performed at Hardison lab, and ENCODE experimental data.

To make the querying experience easy, the query process is split up into various steps. The query choices narrow down as you progress through the steps based on your previous selections. At any time, you can reverse one of more of your steps and change your selections. Also, at any point you can choose to not go in more detail and submit your query to see results.

Help and Documentation

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