Annotated images of multiple alignments: HSs in the beta-LCR

The following images show the alignment of mammalian beta-globin gene cluster sequences around hypersensitive sites (HSs) 1, 2, 3, 3.5, and 4 in the locus control region (LCR). PostScript and ASCII versions of a similar alignment are available through our multiple alignment server. PostScript files can be displayed with Aladdin's Ghostscript viewer, while the PDF versions below can be viewed with Adobe's Acrobat Reader.

        HS1: PostScript PDF
HS2: PostScript PDF
HS3: PostScript PDF
HS3.5: PostScript PDF
HS4: PostScript PDF

The annotated multiple alignments observe the following conventions.

The citation for these alignments is:

Hardison R, Slightom J, Gumucio D, Goodman M, Stojanovic N, and Miller W (1997).
Locus control regions of mammalian beta-globin gene clusters: combining phylogenetic analyses and experimental results to gain functional insights.
Gene 205: 73-94.
This paper also includes an extensive review of the LCR, and can be found at PubMed and Elsevier.

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