Course Materials for BIO/CSE 597F
Fall 2001


  • What is BIO/CSE 597F?
  • Basic Definitions
  • Useful Websites
  • Readings

    Necessary software: Some of the materials will be presented as PostScript and PDF documents, so you will need to handle at least one of these formats. If your system doesn't already have one, you may want to fetch and install a free PostScript/PDF viewer manufactured by Aladdin Inc, called Ghostscript. The Aladdin web page has instructions for attaching it to Netscape or MS Internet-Explorer. Another popular program for reading PDF files is Adobe Acrobat Reader.


  • assignment #1
  • assignment #2

    Class notes:

  • materials for lecture 2
  • some of lecture 4
  • lecture 5 (PipMaker)
  • lecture 6 (PipMaker extensions)
  • notes on dynamic programming
  • sketch of the blast approach
  • amino acid substitution scores
  • probabilistic sequence models
  • probabilistic sequence models, part 2
  • study guide for the Nov. 13 exam

    You might find it amusing to learn how I got involved in bioinformatics.