Key for graphical display

The graphical display is unique for each type of assay being displayed.

Gel shift experiments

Protein source is listed at the start of the DNA fragment if the fragment is in the range being displayed. It could be nuclear extract from a cell line, or purified proteins. For entries that are not in the display range the protein source is listed in the margin on the left hand side. Under the cell name the proteins are listed.

Other binding assays

For entries that are not in the displayed range but on the same origin the coordinates are listed in the left hand margin. If it is a different origin then the origin and coordinates are listed in the margin. When the entry is in the display range the test region is indicated by a single dotted line if only 1 protein was found. The region is indicated by a double solid line for entries with more than 1. Boxes indicate where the proteins bind, above the line for upper strand, below the line for lower strand. The type of box also tells more by:
black rectangle = protection
black filled rectangle = cleavage
gray filled rectangle = block to exonuclease

DNA transfer experiments

Foreach DNA fragment in the construct there is either the black coordinates or blue coordinates and a line. For DNA fragments outside the display the coordinates are listed in black in the left margin. For the fragments in the display it is represented by a blue line with the coordinates in the left margin. If it is on the opposite strand as the origin the abbreviation "rev" is printed next to the line. If the fragment extends outside the range there will be ".." and the start or stop point listed at the appropriate end. Mutations in the DNA fragment are shown with a purple box over the blue line at the position of the mutation.

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