Good Letter Agreement Locating Utility

Regions of good letter agreement in the multiple alignment will be determined as the corresponding positions in the "human" sequence.   More information

The alignment to be used is: .

This alignment will be examined from: to: in "human",
and these offsets are relative to: The beginning of the human sequence file
The beginning of GenBank's HUMHBB locus.
(NOTES:   If you have chosen to use the "Old beta-globin alignment", then these two origins are the same, while the "New beta-globin alignment" begins 2687 bp 5' to HUMHBB. The output is always labeled relative to the beginning of the sequence files used in the alignment.)

The agreement should be based on: Percentage Exclusion

If the agreement is based on percentage, at least % of letters in a column should be same.

If the agreement is based on exclusion, at least letters should differ from majority character.

Minimal length of a region necessary for it to be recognized is: .

Minimal number of sequences which must be active (already started and not yet ended) within a region must be: .

Please choose the method of gap treatment:

The results of this tool should be presented as:

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Press to determine the regions, or to restore defaults.