Known Bugs in Gmaj

The following anomalies in Gmaj's display and behavior have been observed, but not yet resolved. Some of these are intermittent, and some may depend on your computer platform and/or version of Java.

If you experience any of these (or similar) problems, it may help to switch to a different version of Java. For example, the first bug listed below (phantom repeats) seems to have been introduced with Sun's J2SE 1.4.x series, so you may be better off with 1.3.x or 1.5.x. You can also try switching to a different vendor's implementation, but then you are on your own, as we develop and test Gmaj using Sun's official API and SDK. Currently Gmaj does not rely on any features beyond Java 1.3, in order to preserve version flexibility for our users.

Note that anomalies that depend on the Java version could be due to bugs in Java itself, but could also be bugs in Gmaj that only "matter" with certain implementations of Java. In either case, however, with further investigation it may be possible to work around the problem in future releases of Gmaj.

If you encounter any bugs not listed here, please report them to [image of email address]. It would be helpful if you can include the version of Gmaj you are using (i.e., the JarDate line from the Help - About message), your computer platform and version of Java, copies of the data files you were trying to view, and a description of exactly what you were doing when the problem occurred. This will help us to reproduce the problem so we can track it down and fix it. Non-bug suggestions and feedback are also welcome.

Thank you for using Gmaj, and helping us to make it better.

Cathy Riemer, June 2008