Table 2. Distribution of rffH deletions in Salmonella enterica

Strain ? Serovar rffH #
SARB1 Agona Absent
SARB2 Anatum Present
SARB3 Brandenburg Absent
SARB4 Choleraesuis Present
SARB5 Choleraesuis Present
SARB8 Decatur Present
SARB9 Derby Absent
SARB10 Derby Absent
SARB12 Dublin Absent
SARB13 Dublin Absent
SARB15 Duisberg Present
SARB16 Enteritidis Absent*
SARB17 Enteritidis Present*
SARB20 Emek Absent
SARB21 Gallinarum Absent
SARB22 Haifa Absent
SARB23 Heidelberg Absent
SARB24 Heidelberg Absent
SARB25 Indiana Absent
SARB26 Infantis Present
SARB27 Infantis Present
SARB28 Miami Absent
SARB30 Montevideo Present
SARB31 Montevideo Present
SARB32 Muenchen Absent
SARB33 Muenchen Absent
SARB36 Newport Present*
SARB37 Newport Absent*
SARB39 Panama Absent
SARB40 Panama Absent
SARB42 Paratyphi A Present
SARB43 Paratyphi B Present
SARB44 Paratyphi B Present
SARB48 Paratyphi C Present
SARB49 Paratyphi C Present
SARB51 Pullorum Absent
SARB52 Pullorum Absent
SARB53 Reading Absent
SARB54 Rubislaw Absent
SARB55 Saintpaul Absent
SARB56 Saintpaul Absent
SARB57 Schwarzengrund Present
SARB58 Sendai Absent
SARB59 Senftenberg Absent
SARB60 Stanley Absent
SARB61 Stanleyville Absent
SARB62 Thompson Present
SARB63 Typhi Present
SARB64 Typhi Present
SARB65 Typhimurium Absent
SARB66 Typhimurium Absent
SARB67 Typhimurium Absent
SARB68 Typhimurium Absent
SARB69 Typhisuis Present
SARB70 Typhisuis Present
SARB71 Wien Present
SARB72 Wien Present
MZ96 Typhimurium LT2 Absent
SARC1 (RKS4194) subspecies I Absent
SARC2 (RKS3333) subspecies I Present
SARC3 (RKS2985) subspecies II Present
SARC4 (RKS2993) subspecies II Present
SARC5 (RKS2980) subspecies IIIa Present
SARC6 (RKS2983) subspecies IIIa Present
SARC7 (RKS2978) subspecies IIIb Present
SARC8 (RKS2979) subspecies IIIb Present
SARC9 (RKS3015) subspecies IV Present
SARC10 (RKS3027) subspecies IV Present
SARC11 (RKS3041) subspecies V no PCR product
SARC12 (RKS3044) subspecies V no PCR product
SARC13 (RKS2995) subspecies VI Present
SARC14 (RKS3057) subspecies VI Present
SARC15 (RKS3013) subspecies VII Present
SARC16 (RKS3014) subspecies VII Present

?from (Boyd et al. 1993; Boyd et al. 1996)
#PCR resulted in two product sizes, 450 bp, scored as absent, and 1,100 bp, scored as present.
*Examples of serovars where rffH was present in one strain but not the other.