Facts about BMMB/CSE 597D

BMMB/CSE 597D - Bioinformatics
Schedule number: 699087
3 credits
Tuesday/Thursday 2:30 in 302 Pond Lab
Prerequisite: graduate standing (in any academic department).
Text: Bioinformatics, by A. D. Baxevanis and B. F. F. Ouelette, Wiley, 1998.
Additional readings: current papers will be provided.
Instructor Webb Miller, webb@bio.cse.psu.edu, 865-4551.

The course will begin by covering available methods for identifying genes and other functional regions within previously uncharacterized DNA sequence. Individual students or small teams will each analyze and annotate a novel region of the human genome. All of the basic biology needed to understand these assignments will be explained, making the course accessible to computer science students. Advanced topics will be chosen based on the interests of the enrolled students.

Grades will be based on a gene-finding project performed before Spring Break, and on a term project. Reports on gene-finding projects will be given in class starting February 22. As early as possible, and by February 29 at the latest, students should sign up for a term project of their choice. Each student will be expected to prepare a written description and/or give a class presentation on their chosen topic. Group projects are acceptable.